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People who are from Newark International take their automobiles and park them at the airport's parking lot. They are confident that their vehicles are kept safe in the airport parking lot. However, it is also understood well that the airport parking fees can be very exorbitant. 


But that should not worry you since you can sort it out with the airport management authority. You will need to know how many times you will have to travel outside the country by air on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. If you are going out of the country for several months, then you should think of going for the prepaid monthly deal. These deals are ideal for you since you will be sure of having parking space available for that month. With the monthly deals, you can save hundred more dollars as opposed to daily rates. For more useful reference, have a peek here


If you are a frequent flier who travels most of the year, there is a prepaid annual airline parking option tailored specifically for you. This might be a little bit expensive, approximately $3000 per year. And this is only paid once per year, and this will ensure that your space is kept safe for you all year round. You also get the chance to choose the best location if it is available.  Read more great facts on ezway, click here. 


All these services are available online, and you can just determine the option that best suits you. Before you leave your car in the parking lot, you ought to find a space that is near the edge of the parking lot. Ensure that there are no trees around as they can fall on your car. Ensure that your vehicle is parked near the waiting bay area for the free airport shuttle services. 


You must also make sure that the area you parked your car is covered by the security cameras. Avoid parking directly under it. Ensure that there is some distance which the eye of the security camera can easily scan your car. Ensure that the area you choose to park your vehicle has adequate light. Some lots are too far from the light posts. You will need to choose an area that is well lit at night for security reasons. 


You also need to take everything that is valuable to you. Ensure that everything else is secured. Ask the security personnel in the parking lot if it is fine that you can keep some important papers for your car, such as insurance policies. Even if all your valuable items are out of your vehicle, ensure that nothing else is seen through the windows other than the seats and the steering wheel, nothing else, not even a single piece of paper. 


If you have a digital camera with you, or a phone that takes good photos, ensure that you take a picture of your car where the lot number is and ensure that it is visible. And finally, do. Please view this site for further details.