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All the cars owners all over the world require and use parking for their cars wherever they are traveling or living. It is very important to get a safe parking place for the car both during day time and night. Any one owning a car as well is advised to be fully conversant with all the parking signs and road traffic signs. This will enable them to avoid commonly committed traffic mistakes which can even lead to traffic jam build up or even accidents. You can get more information here. 


One of the most common traffic sign is the No parking sign. This sign is majorly put on specific areas especially where emergency cars like fire brigades, ambulances or even caravans pass through any time of the day. As a driver, you are not supposed to park in such prohibited areas and if you do then heavy penalties and other charges will be taken upon you. Read more great facts, click here.


Another road traffic parking sign is the Parking sign. This sign simply gives a permission to the drivers to use the region or the area shown for parking to park their cars. In most case, these parking zones are highly guarded and security beefed up to ensure no malicious acts happen there like theft and robbery. Again these areas are limited to the number of users per day or per specified time period. On the same note, the parking comes with the parking charges which are set figures for each parking zone depending on the location.


All the business entrepreneurs are asked by the law to have another type of parking known as Handicapped parking. This should be shown the sign for the handicapped parking signs. These enable the handicapped and physically challenged customers of the business to have an ample access to the premises. Only those customers with wheelchairs and other movement-assisting gadgets are allowed to park in the special areas.


Other regions a driver can comfortably park although with some charges are nearby garages or petrol stations. These areas are highly protected therefore someone can park his or her car there without fear.


To add on all the above signs, several precautions should be put into consideration by all the drivers. It is needful to take a caution not park in the yellow curbs. These regions are prohibited from parking because they can be used by the road workers while cleaning the highway. At the same time, other areas such as those preserved for street cleaning should also be out of bounds from parking by all road users and drivers. Take a look at this link  for more information.